The 90s Headband: How to style it and Where to buy it!

The wide plastic (and uncomfortable!) headbands of the 1990s got their roses last year! Now, it’s time to talk about the 90s fashion trend, but the cloth and comfortable ones. This is the comfortable, casual sister of the more flashy and shiny plastic headbands of the 90s. The zig zag …

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Get the 90s white button down minimalist look

The white button down was a staple of 1990s fashion, and it appeared frequently throughout the decade. It appeared in many forms as it got dressed up, dressed down, rolled and tied. Want this look? I’ll also share how wear the 90s white button down. Let’s break down why the …

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Cherry Red in the 90s

Popular ’90s Cherry Red Fashion Looks

Cherry red is back for 2024, baby! Red has come and gone in popularity, but made a come back last year, according to Madé Lapuerta of Data, but Make it Fashion. Fashion forecasters are predicting it will continue into this year. In this post, we’ll glance back to see how …

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