Welcome to Can’t Hardly Dress

About a month ago, I was stuck in bed with pneumonia, which was THE worst, and I found myself stumbling around Netflix and happened upon the 90s movie section. I was immediately pulled into the movies of my adolescence–Hope Floats, 10 Things I Hate About You, Practical Magic, the list goes on. OK, so some of these movies are still really good. And others just have amazing fashion that embodied at least the later part of the 90s. I found myself wondering, “Man, I really wish there were blogs back when these movies were out!” But then I realized, hey, I can make that blog NOW!

No one asked for this blog, I don’t know if anyone even wants it, but I want to talk about 90s movie fashion and 90s fashion in general. That’s how this blog happened.

I realize I’m not an expert–after all I was born in 1986 and was pretty unaware of fashion until my local mall got a  5-7-9, which now appears to have been bought out by a plus sized store, ironically. This was around the same time Clueless came out in 1995, around the time where the early 90s collided with the later 90s. I wore blue angora cropped sweaters, tattoo necklaces and even had a feather pen, just like Cher.

I realize there’s a lot of the 90s I’m not aware of, because frankly put, I was just too young to be aware of grunge kids, plaid button downs and raves, because you know, elementary school and lack of Internet back in the day. I think a blog is a cool way to explore that culture I’m only aware of as apart of our collective cultural memory.

So, what will be found on this blog? Excellent question. I plan to share fashions from movies and TV as well as places those styles can be found today. I also want to share personal reflections and how my own style was influenced by the 90s. I’m sure it will be about a lot of other things, too, but this is just the start.

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