Where to find Sassy Magazine Online

Sassy magazine, is back in the news with Tara Ariano’s recent article in the New York Times last week entitled “My Totally Normal Addiction to Buying Teen Magazines on eBay.” I started collecting the magazine a few years ago, and since then the resale market has skyrocketed. Click here to …

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My First Time Reading Sassy Magazine

Sassy magazine is the badass older sister to today’s honest, insightful publications aimed at teens and young adults. Running from 1988 to 1996, Sassy spoke on topics like virginity to alcoholism to body image. Other publications deemed these subjects too mature and taboo for teens. Sassy served as the feminist …

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Who gets to be 90s nostalgia?

Race, Celebrity and Who Gets to Be 90s Nostalgia

When the 90s seeming reemerged several years ago, people began reflecting on celebrity culture with a great deal of nostalgia. We started seeing public reminiscing for The Rachel Haircut and wishing couples like Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder would just get back together already. With a renewed focus on celebrity, …

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