Find a Dupe for the Carmela Soprano Mesh Necklace

We already know Carmela Soprano is a bonafide style icon, so it’s no wonder everyone wants to dress like her! One of the evergreen jewelry pieces on the show is her mesh Christian Tse collar necklace, which appears throughout season one. The actual necklace itself is nearly impossible to find, with just one similar style being sold on eBay in the past three years. But don’t worry! I’ve searched for dupes that are available today for the Carmela Soprano mesh necklace.

Before we jump in, keep in mind that this necklace today would be worth well over $7,500 or more, based on similar eBay sales. Tse reportedly spent 40-50 hours in the 1990s making his iconic mesh bracelets out of platinum and diamonds smaller than period punctuation. His craftsmanship was unparalleled. One could assume a necklace like the one Carmela wore would have easily taken 100 hours or more to make by hand. That being said, the quality of any dupe is going to purely aspirational. These necklaces are meant to capture the essence of the original collar mesh necklace.

Now onto the dupes!

White Gold & Silver Mesh Necklace Dupes

The options are mostly white gold and sterling silver necklaces. These are closer to the original style of the Carmela mesh necklace.

Yellow Gold Mesh Necklace Dupes

Carmela’s Christian Tse mesh collar necklace was made out of platinum and diamonds, so anything that’s yellow gold is going to be Carmela-adjacent. For those who prefer yellow gold, these are also good options!

Carmela Soprano Mesh Necklace…Adjacent

For those looking for a play on the original necklace, here are some what I’d call, “Carmela mesh necklace. . . adjacent.” These style are in the same family but not quite the same.

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Here are all the options for dupes of the Carmela Soprano mesh necklace featured in the post!

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