Kate Winslet Ruined My 90s Eyebrows and Other Tweezer Tales

Kate Winslet and 90s Eyebrows

In 1999, I loved Titanic like most 12-year-old girls. One day I sat on my bed staring at poster of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet when I became fixated on Kate’s 90s eyebrows. I grabbed a pair of my mother’s tweezers, sat down in front of the mirror and proceeded to pluck off half my left eyebrow. That’s when my eyebrow obsession began. And it’s no secret that I still love thin 90s eyebrows.

While most girls my eye were busy with hair and clothing, I became consumed with eyebrows. I drew different shapes in my notebooks and pointed out to my friends which shapes I liked the most. I always plucked them myself, reasoning that if I messed up then it was a learning lesson. If someone else messed them up then I would just be, well, angry.

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On Finding the Perfect 90s Eyebrows Shape

Searching for the right eyebrow shape takes time, but with patience and creativity, you can find the shape that best suits your face. Keep reading to find out how I found the right shape for my face as well as tips I recommend for those new to eyebrow grooming.

Up until college, I followed the general rule of thumb for 90s eyebrows to never pluck above the arch. Then a friend suggested I throw out all eyebrow rules. Breaking the rules wasn’t easy, but once I started, I wanted to try everything. I experimented with shapes–thin, long, short, arched, straight. However, for the past five years, I’ve kept my eyebrows relatively the same. Inspired by Natalie Portman’s eyebrows, I tamed my arched eyebrows to be straight.

If you’re uncertain about how to find a shape that works for you, here’s some guidelines to help you out:

Step 1: Buy a good pair of tweezers. Do not buy $1 tweezers from the bin at the drugstore. Investing in a quality pair of tweezers will save you time and pain. I use Tweezerman’s Slant Tweezers.

Step 2: Start slow. Don’t pluck off half your eyebrow like me. If you’ve never plucked your eyebrows, you may not know how quickly your brow hair grows. If your brows grow slowly, avoid making drastic changes if you’re unsure of the results.

Step 3: Learn the rules, then break them. I spent the first six years of plucking my eyebrows following these rules:

1) Never pluck above the arch

2) Keep the ends long.

Learning the basics first will give you a good idea of what type of shape you like without over-plucking or ruining your brows. Once you learn these rules, break them all you want.

Step 4: Notice other people’s eyebrows. Since most models and celebrities in photoshoots will have their brows filled in or photoshopped, looking at magazines can be unreliable. Look at candid shots of celebrities instead. You can also look at the brows of the people around you. What shapes do you like? Can you try it out on your own brows? Just because your brows aren’t like someone else’s doesn’t mean you can tweeze, pencil and fill your way into them.

Want some 90s inspiration for your eyebrows? Here’s my favorite 90s eyebrows.

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