The 90s Headband: How to style it and Where to buy it!

The wide plastic (and uncomfortable!) headbands of the 1990s got their roses last year! Now, it’s time to talk about the 90s fashion trend, but the cloth and comfortable ones. This is the comfortable, casual sister of the more flashy and shiny plastic headbands of the 90s. The zig zag headband–what a torture device! Personally, I love these types of headbands, as they are both stylish and super easy and comfortable to wear. In this post, I cover how they were worn and where to buy them today.

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Why this 90s headband is so loved!

90s Headbands

Let’s be real–most headbands are not comfortable. I’ve worn many a headband in the 90s that gave me a headache, specifically from the narrow metal headbands to those terrible zigzag headbands. Don’t even get me started on the plastic headbands. All of these look so cute, but were not comfortable.

That’s not the case for the comfortable cotton headband of the 90s. Here, the style is both comfortable and fashionable. It can be worn versatilely to workout or on a date or some other fancy life activity. Super models love it, regular folks love it. It polishes a look and tames your hair. What more can you ask for from a headband? And that’s why we love it.

How to wear the 90s cloth headband

When it comes to this look, simplicity is key. Here’s some keys to get this retro look authentically:

  • Simplicity: Look for simple headbands that are either all one color or a wild print. Both of these options were popular in the 90s.
  • Avoid logos: Don’t pick a 90s headband covered in obvious logos. Plain is best.
  • No knots or crowns: Shy away from styles that feature a knot or crown-type look.
  • Look at big box retailers. I found the most options at Target and Walmart.

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