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Sassy Magazine

Sassy magazine, is back in the news with Tara Ariano’s recent article in the New York Times last week entitled “My Totally Normal Addiction to Buying Teen Magazines on eBay.” I started collecting the magazine a few years ago, and since then the resale market has skyrocketed. Click here to read about my first time looking at Sassy Magazine. But don’t worry! I’m going to share some places you can find your favorite mag online for free!

This post is periodically updated. Last updated 1/7/2024

Sassy on Pinterest

  • SassyGrrl has spent a long time archiving each issue of not only Sassy but also their spin-off magazine, Dirt. There’s a board for each magazine, including covers, advertisements and some articles.
  • Sassy Magazine by Lizler, features 357 pins
  • Sassy Magazine by Hippie Dollface, features 104 pins
  • Jane Pratt/Sassy & Jane Magazine Nostalgia by thetruthliesinbetween, features 99 pins from Sassy and lil sis Jane.

Full issues available online

The Internet Archive has two issues of Sassy available to read in full:

The Listen to Sassy Podcast (more on them below!) also has an archive of all the issues they’ve covered. You can access this if you subscribe to their Listen to Sassy Club ($5/month).

Read throughs

  • The Avocado did a quirky read through of the December 1988 issue. The article is humorous and features some cool scans!
  • Before Rookie Mag was Rookie Mag, Tavi Gevinson ran The Style Rookie and did a read-through of two issues from 1992 and 1993.


Sassy Scans on Tumblr is no longer updated, but it does have a treasure trove of scanned articles. Images are very clear and close up, making articles easy to read.

The magazine in Print & Academia

Sassy in Podcasts

  • Listen to Sassy is a podcast dedicated to Sassy. Their Instagram is also awesome! I’ve listened a lot of their episodes and highly recommend it.
  • The Sassy Podcast hasn’t been updated since May 2020, but there are a few episodes to check out.

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