Beautiful in Green: Best Green Oscars Dresses from the 90s

Awards season 2024 has kicked off and the Academy Awards are right around the corner! At this year’s Golden Globes, we saw Taylor Swift wear a very uniquely green metallic dress by Gucci. So, let’s talk about the best green Oscars dresses from the ’90s.

Green is a frequently discussed color around here, for better or for worse. (I’m personally not a fan.) I looked into my style crystal ball and I admit I may be broken, but I’m gonna make a prediction now: Green is back for awards season.

Green Oscars Dresses from the 1990s

Now, I know green is not a hugely popular color. But, it was particularly hard to find (subjectively) good looks worn by stars in the 1990s to the Oscars specifically. Typically, the Golden Globes and the Screen Actor Guild awards shows are seen as places where stars take more risks. The Oscars are where fashion is taken seriously.

Nicole Kidman in Dior (1997)

Nicole Kidman in Dior at the 1997 Oscars
Nicole Kidman in Dior at the 1997 Oscars

Is green not a serious color that can be worn timelessly? I guess the critics will continue to argue over that. In fact, the late Joan Rivers “terrorized” Nicole Kidman over her choice of a Dior chartreuse dress in 1997. This despite the fact that it was designed by the John Galliano. JOHN GALLIANO! Rest in peace and all, Joan, but that was a little unnecessary.

As time marches on and the 90s become even more popular, Kidman’s dress actually becomes more timeless than not. Despite the blow back, this dress is lauded as a turning point of more risk taking at the Oscars. Personally, Nicole’s Dior dress is one of my favorites from the 90s.

(Also, if you need some eye bleach after seeing Tom Cruise, I don’t blame you. Unfortunately, there’s not a ton of photos of her alone from the 1997 Oscars.)

Jada Pinkett Smith in Versace (1997)

Jada Pinkett Smith in Versace at the 1997 Oscars

Another amazing look from the 1997 Oscars with Jada Pinkett Smith rocking a green metallic set of a crop top paired long skirt with a small train. This look could have been from this year, if you ask me. I love the casual dressiness of this look. In line with the times, the skirt here was very low cut and paired with a belly chain.

Kate Winslet in Givenchy (1998)

The late 90s continue to bring the amazing green Oscars dress looks with Kate Winslet in Givenchy designed by Alexander McQueen. This was dubbed her “Titanic” dress as she wore it the year the movie was nominated. I love the innocence of this dress with the modest cut and total Renaissance Faire vibes, but in a good way. Like, in a nostalgic way. Kate’s red carpet style has definitely matured over the years, but I think this dress is perfect for a 22-year-old, her age at the time.

Recalling this dress, Winslet said:

It was like [an] embroidered sculpture. I have to be honest, the dress was not entirely comfortable to wear. Or sit down in. But it was worth it because he had made it.

Kate Winslet, on her 1998 Alexander McQueen for Givenchy Oscar gown

Goldie Hawn in a green Oscars dress (1996)

Goldie Hawn in a green oscars dress in 1996
Goldie Hawn in a Green Oscars Dress in 1996

Oddly enough, I couldn’t find who designed Goldie Hawn’s 1996 Oscars dress. But never the less, I’m including this simple and elegant look because it very much reminds me of prom looks circa 2002.

Fiona Apple in Mugler (2000)

Fiona Apple in one of the best green Oscars dresses

OK, so hear me out. One, I’ve never seen (or don’t remember) this Fiona Apple look from 2000 and it was the 1999-2000 “awards season.” Apple wore Thierry Mugler to the 2000s Oscars, and I absolutely love this look. This dress was actually made of malachite latex dress.

It’s a total gateway dress into Y2K. Seriously, I think a portal may have opened that night and Y2K fashion marched right on in. I love the cut of this dress and also the print.

This was also at the beginning of Fiona Apple’s fame. In this history of the Oscars, musicians are more frequently the true risk takers in fashion. Think Bjork in her swan dress in 2001.

Thanks for reading!

Thank you for reading this post on the best green Oscars dresses. I hope you loved this post and I (maybe) hope we see more green this year at the Oscars.

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