Little Women: How the 4 sisters would dress today

When I fall in love with a book or a movie, I wonder what the characters would be like if they were real and alive today. One of my favorite books (and 90s movies) is Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, which a heartwarming book about four sisters and the pains of growing up.

As I began reading, I found myself reconnecting with the characters I loved when I first saw the 1994 film version. In fact, this is one of my all time favorite 90s movies. Greta Gerwig also did an amazing version of Little Women in 2019, but the 90s version is very nostalgic for me.

With my curiosity peaked, I decided to set out and find how each sister in Little Women would dress today.

Beth Style Board

Beth from Little Women Style Board

Beth is the soft spoken sister who spends a lot of time at home reading and hanging out with her sisters. She is a creature of comfort not overly concerned with looks. In today’s word, Beth would enjoy casual Looks without putting much effort as she had bigger concerns than fashion.

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Meg Style Board

Meg of Little Women is the oldest sister who carries herself with an air of maturity and longing for the finer things in life. Meg is one to have investment pieces, such as a classic pair of Louboutins that never go out of style. Today, Meg would mix her treasured highend pieces with affordable pieces for an elegant and timeless look.

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Amy Style Board

Little Women Style Board: Amy

Amy is the youngest sister in Little Women and the most girly. She is obsessed with dressing in a trendy style to keep up with her peers. Amy today would keep up with what’s popular and buy new pieces as they strike her fancy. Despite her love of trendiness, she keeps her budget in check by mixing high end trendy pieces with classic items.

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Jo Style Board

Jo is the most independent of the sisters. A writer and free spirit, clothing is all about functionality and comfort. Jo is more focused on creative endeavors than clothes. However, given her creative endeavors, a bohemian vibe is very Jo. This means a preference for low maintenance and timeless styles that will get her from point A to point B.

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Thanks for reading the Little Women Style Guide!

I had a great time putting this together for y’all. I hope you liked my take on how the sisters from Little Women would dress today. If there’s any other 90s movies you’d like me to do this for, leave it in the comments below and you may just see it in a post soon! Thanks for reading and I hope you come back again soon.

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